Federal Criminal Defense

Ms. DeBlasio vigorously and tirelessly defends individuals at all stages of the federal criminal process. She has the experience to aggressively defend clients at trial before a jury, as well as to negotiate with prosecutors to reduce charges and avoid mandatory minimums. Recently, she was able to persuade prosecutors in the Southern District of New York to dismiss all charges against a client indicted for fraud.

In addition, Ms. DeBlasio has become known for her success in obtaining sentences well below the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines ranges applicable to her clients.

Below are lists of notable criminal cases, federal offenses that Ms. DeBlasio has experience handling, collateral matters that pertain to some foreign clients, foreign languages that Ms. DeBlasio speaks, and courts where she is licensed to practice:



Ms. DeBlasio has experience prosecuting and defending charges of


Ms. DeBlasio also has experience handling collateral matters, particularly as relevant to her many foreign clients, including


Ms. DeBlasio is able to speak in the following foreign languages with her clients and their families, as well as with foreign counsel, without the assistance of interpreters


Ms. DeBlasio works predominantly in federal courts in New York and New Jersey; she also is licensed to practice in Florida and Washington, D.C.

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