Federal Criminal Defense

Ms. DeBlasio vigorously and tirelessly defends individuals at all stages of the federal criminal process. In 2018 alone, she obtained the pre-trial dismissal of all charges against a client indicted in a drug importation conspiracy in the Southern District of New York, took a RICO double homicide case to trial in the Eastern District of New York, obtained a time-served sentence in the Eastern District for a client who pled guilty to international narcotics trafficking, and overturned a life sentence winning a discretionary reduction to 30 years for a man who was convicted more than a decade ago in the Southern District for distributing crack cocaine.


Ms. DeBlasio is able to communicate in French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish with her clients and their families, as well as with foreign counsel, without the assistance of interpreters.

Ms. DeBlasio works predominantly in federal courts in New York; she also is licensed to practice in federal and state courts in Florida, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

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