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I am a Colombian citizen, and I am a resident of the United States of America. In 2009, I was captured by DEA federal agents to be prosecuted in a federal court in New York, charged with conspiracy to import, export and distribute illegal drugs and money laundering for up to USD $100 million.

My situation could not be worse, and I believed that retaining the services of a famous lawyer, a defendant of other Colombians with similar charges, was the solution.

Making that decision meant taking risks, not only in terms of money, but other issues within the legal process, and it did not result in any agreement with the American government or even the possibility of a fair trial.

My process got stuck and started to get more and more complicated. So, I looked for a different lawyer until I met Dr. Alessandra DeBlasio, who visited me at the ‘special housing unit’ (SHU), where I was locked down for more than a year.

Dr. DeBlasio, after hearing and analyzing my case, made the American government change the charges; made the prison management transfer me to the general prison wing; created an environment of credibility and trust around my case, which ended with a plea agreement; achieved in a studious, strategic and professional way that the judge sentenced me to 36 months instead of 10 years or even life.

She did not stop there. She put a stop to the deportation process underway by Customs ICE – I had been moved to a deportation facility – by going back on an emergency basis that day to the Judge to ask for a resentence that was successfully granted to only 11 months, making deportation impossible.

Had it not been for Dr. DeBlasio’s experience and knowledge of the law in cases like mine, I would still be in prison or worse.

Today, I happily live with my wife and children, enjoying that precious right called FREEDOM! Thank you very much, Dr. Alessandra.

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I would like to make it known that Attorney Alessandra DeBlasio represented me when I committed a federal crime and today, thanks to her exceptional professionalism and unwavering determination, I am again free, having been released much sooner than I otherwise would have been. 

My Story in Brief

On December 16, 2014, I was arrested in Montenegro on an international arrest warrant for the following crime:  conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism against the United States of America. On February 25, 2015, I was extradited to the United States where, for this crime, I was facing a sentence of 15 years to life.

Owing to the brilliant work of Attorney DeBlasio, on September 16, 2016, I was sentenced to only 48 months’ incarceration, and soon thereafter she had the sentence reduced to time served (by then a total of 32 months) and I returned home to my family immediately. 

During the time of my incarceration, even though I was transferred from the prison in New York to one in Loretto (Pennsylvania), Attorney DeBlasio continued to assist and support me both professionally and emotionally, keeping me up to date on my case with periodic phone calls and detailed written correspondence, delving into every aspect of my legal predicament until she was able to come up with a powerful and effective argument for the judge to re-open my case.

I am extremely grateful to Attorney DeBlasio for pursuing my case with such incredible dedication, tenacity and professionalism. Without her outstanding work, which strategically steered the case in the most advantageous direction, it would have been extremely difficult, if not totally impossible, to receive the time-served sentence.

Massimo Romagnoli
Member of the Italian Parliament, 2006-2011
Member of Prime Minister Berlusconi’s Cabinet, Italy 2009-2011
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I fall short of words to express my gratitude and experience working with Alessandra DeBlasio. She was heaven sent to rescue me from the nightmare I was living. When my appointed attorney by court told me I had no other choice but to settle for a felony conviction from the U.S. Federal government that I was not guilty for, my whole world came tumbling down. I was terrified, hopeless and devastated. That's when Ms. DeBlasio stepped in, took my case and changed everything. She cleaned up what was left behind, believed in me and gave me back hope. With dedication, hard work and superb skills we won, the government dismissed the indictment against me! I got what I wanted and undoubtedly deserved. 

Overall I can attest that Ms. DeBlasio was always there to answer all my questions and give me advice. She was comforting, understanding and accessible at all times when I needed her to be. We communicated via phone or emails and her response was prompt. I felt she was more than my attorney, she was my friend. 

Forever grateful, 
Arlette Hernandez


Dear Alessandra / Chère Mme DeBlasio,

I wanted to tell everybody what a great lawyer you are. You were exceptional in your professionalism. I discovered a woman in the United States (I am from Quebec, Canada) who gave all the time, attention and devotion to my case. I could not find a better lawyer to represent me. I received a lower sentence because of you and I am so grateful to you for that. 1000x thanks Alessandra.

Je tenais a dire au monde entier comment tu es une grande avocate. Tu as été d’un professionalisme exceptionnelle. En plus de découvrir une femme attentionnée gentille et dévouée, je n’aurais pu trouvé mieux pour me représenter. Encore un gros merci pour l’aide, le support et de m’avoir eu plus bas que mon Guideline. 1000x merci.

Eric Grenier


Alessandra DeBlasio,

You are an excellent professional, I am very grateful to GOD for having allowed you to be my defense attorney in this case, when they extradited me to this country with a possible sentence as high as I had, I said only to GOD that he send me a lawyer and HE made no mistake with you, because you did a great job in my defense and I am grateful for the sentence that the judge gave me. I know that in their hands there was a longer sentence but thanks to the wisdom GOD put in you, my sentence was the lowest that they could have given me.

Thank you because you treated me in such a way that you gained my confidence, you gave me security and made a psychological evaluation that made me realize things I did not understand about my life and that taught me to have a new perspective on my life. You do not know how much I thank you for all you did with me during my defense, in truth apart from being a good lawyer, you are a great woman, because you defend your clients as if they were a part of your family, you have a big heart and I know that just as for me you will continue helping all your clients and you will do so with loyalty and justice. Go forward with your career because you are very good in what you do, that GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS.

Ivelisse Castillo
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I find it near impossible to express in words my gratitude to Alessandra DeBlasio.

I was put in a situation I never want anyone to go through but when you're in a situation like I was – wrongfully charged – you look for help.  I met with a couple attorneys and didn't find the confidence in any of them that I felt when I met with Alessandra.

For 3 years I went through with this case and while I was blessed with being at home, out on bond, it was an excruciatingly difficult experience, unlike any other in life.  Alessandra gave me the help I needed throughout the entire time. She put everything she had into my case.

I will always be grateful for having found an attorney that put the level of dedication, time, and effort as Alessandra did.  She was relentless in defending me and she didn't let up until the case was closed.  I used to take time for granted, but not anymore. I can never get back those 3 very tough and painful years, but it’s over now, Alessandra’s hard work paid off and I was let out of the case – all charges dismissed – free to live my life. God bless you.




Hi my name is Victor Torres, and I would like to say some words about Alessandra DeBlasio. I met Ms. DeBlasio sometime in June of 2015, one of the inmates that was in the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York told me about her, telling me that she was a really really good attorney.

I was charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin in New York. When I pleaded guilty my guideline range was 140-175 months because of my criminal record. She did a lot to bring me down from the criminal history category of 5 to 4, she also took down sentencing guideline points from 32 to 25. So I ended up at 25 and in category 4 which is 84-105 months. And then she fought for me to get a sentence even below 84 months.

When I finally got sentenced we both got the best end of it because with all the hard work she did, they sentenced me to 48 months. So in my own words if anyone need a really really good attorney she is one of the best in New York.

Mi familia tambien está agradecida con Usted porque personas como Usted no hay muchas porque Usted tomó su tiempo y se dedicó a mi para salir lo mas pronto de aqui. Espero que mi padre Dios me la proteja a Usted.




Ms DeBlasio represented my uncle Oscar Monzon in a drug case after he was sentenced to life. Alessandra was very diligent with his case she was always a phone call away and went above and beyond to fight for my uncle’s freedom. Ms DeBlasio filed a motion to reduce his life sentence to 30 years after the judge said he could not file for 7 years but she was persistent, she never gave up, and after 2 years his sentence was reduced to the 30 years. Ms DeBlasio was not only professional but personable she cared about my uncle’s freedom as if it were her own family member. Alessandra later suggested my uncle file a motion due to his health condition and covid 19 and my uncle was released from prison thanks to Ms DeBlasio, her counsel, persistence and knowledge of the laws. Alessandra is the best attorney and we dealt with many. God bless her beautiful heart and soul. The Monzon family is forever indebted to the honorable Alessandra DeBlasio for her diligence and faith in my uncle’s case. Thank You Alessandra Much Love.   

Diana Monzon and Family 



My name is Winston Harris. I was convicted on a drug charge and after serving my time I was placed in immigration for removal as ordered by the immigration judge. I appealed my removal order to the B.I.A., and my appeal was denied. I appealed to the federal court the 2cir with the help of Mrs DeBlasio. We were successful in our motion in the 2cir and then also back in front of the immigration judge. Mrs DeBlasio fought for my release and I was released, she’s a fighter, and if you are a fighter too she will fight for you in the courts. Without her tenacity I wouldn’t be in this country and with my family both of which I love so much. Thank you Mrs DeBlasio with all my heart for what you have done for me.  

Sincerely Winston Harris



The purpose of this is to inform anyone that comes in direct contact with Ms. DeBlasio that she is the best attorney. What she did for me inside the courts as well as outside of court is priceless. Here I am a career offender with multiple arrests over the period of 22 years. I was facing a recommended 188- 235 months imprisonment, and Alessandra was able to go forward and stand up for what she believed in (Me). She stood up against one of the toughest judges in the Eastern District of New York and was able to get me only a mere 72 months.

She took the time to visit me at MDC a lot, she kept me posted on my case, she emailed regularly, accepted my phone calls and even when I was down and thinking the worst she would uplift me like a mother would do for her child. I Miguel Liriano am happy that I received 72 months rather than 188 months. I remember like it was yesterday, going into the courtroom for my sentencing and the bailiffs trying to guess if I would get 12 or 15 years and then Alessandra got me 72 months. My guardian Angel. Now I have a chance to be able to raise my daughter who will be 5 next year.

Miguel Liriano



To Whom It May Concern,

I retained Alessandra DeBlasio to represent me in preparing an appeal to reverse a medical malpractice verdict. Initially, she briefly reviewed my materials and presented me with her preliminary insights which turned out to be both accurate and successful. As we proceeded with the case, Ms. DeBlasio carefully explored the legal and medical facts with me to maximize her understanding of the case. I was pleased with her interest and skill in understanding the medical nuances.

Ms. DeBlasio made herself available whenever I needed her advice. She was supportive and aware of the emotional challenges for me as the client in a lawsuit which attacked my personal reputation. She was optimistic but always realistic in preparing me for both success and defeat.

In our earliest discussions, she demonstrated her impressive ability to analyze the case, extract the critical information, and design a compelling appeal. At each step, she was a thorough, supportive, and pleasant partner in the effort. Ms. DeBlasio is clearly very intelligent, organized, and effective. She is also efficient and adheres to her proposed schedule. I was impressed with her strong work ethic and professionalism. She is very articulate and her legal writing is outstanding. Ms. DeBlasio prepared and presented an appellate brief which was exceptional. Her writing is analytical, powerful, and convincing.

In the end, her skillful appeal was able to win a reversal of the verdict against me by the unanimous decision of a panel of five appellate judges. I have the highest regard for Ms. DeBlasio and recommend her without reservation.

Jonathan Mauser, M.D.

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